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Our Cohesive Approach Means Better Results for Your Practice.

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We start with strategy, to give everything else we do a sound footing. We build your brand before a single word gets written or a pixel is put in place. And we make sure you’re supported long after your website is launched, with everything from marketing campaigns to a good old-fashioned helping hand when you need it most.

Because when you start with the end in mind, growth happens—both steadily and predictably. You’ll stand out from the competition, and seem more relevant to your clients… Which means they’ll stay with you longer, and advocate for you to their friends.
Discover the difference that a start-to-finish plan can make.
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Our Services

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In our proven discovery process,we’ll explore all aspects of your business, including your product and service offerings and any specialties you may have. (We’ve worked with—and intimately understand—a wide variety of RD specialties, from intuitive eating to functional medicine and everything in between.)

We’ll also talk about the types of clients you prefer to work with, your place in the industry, your competitors, and more.
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Branding & Identity

Next we’ll evaluate everything you’ve shared and filter it all through our industry and consumer knowledge. The result? A well-articulated brand and identity that will set you apart from the competition.

We’ll help you determine your vision and mission, your brand archetype, your unique value proposition, and the kinds of key messages you should be repeating to clients. We’ll even make naming and tagline recommendations!
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Design & Content

With this firm strategic and tactical foundation in place, the next step is cascading the decisions we’ve made together into graphic design and marketing content. Your website—as your most important marketing asset—will play a big role here, although some RD’s also look to us for help with printed design.

We’ll make sure the whole package helps you stand out in your industry, connect purposefully with potential clients, and position your practice for success.
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RD’s often dislike marketing or feel that they “just don’t know where to start.” But not taking advantage of marketing opportunities is the biggest thing that holds RD’s back from helping more people!

We do a lot of things at STRING, but marketing is where we shine. Our proprietary process helps us transform your RD expertise and industry experience into actionable growth insights that drive your practice.
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Lead-Generation & Sales

Once you’ve brought potential clients to your site, what do you do then? We’re specialists at building lead-generation funnels that convert visitors into fans, and then fans into clients—and quickly.

We create lead magnets, landing pages, email series, and more… If you can think of a way to add to your mailing list, we’ve probably implemented it ten times over for clients. (And maybe even a few you haven’t thought of, too!)
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Technology & Support

Say the word “technology” and your eyes probably glaze over. But to an RD, technology is important for two reasons.

First, it’s what powers your website. And when that tech breaks, you’re in trouble. (Unless of course you’ve got STRING in your corner.) But technology can also transform your practice, enabling a level of effectiveness and efficiency you never dreamed of. (We can set you up there, too.)

How We Help You

Work On Your Business
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Our strategy process focuses on three pillars:
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The problems your clients (and potential clients) are facing — and how those intersect with your business objectives.

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Which goals you have for your practice — both where you are now and where you plan to be, what you specialize in and your big vision.

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What your competitors are doing, and what you expect them to be doing in the future.

These three pillars are crucial, but they bring additional benefits when they work together. When you’re clearly able to state why your process, approach or specialty solves the biggest problems or pain points your client has, you’ll attain relevancy. And when your customer knows why they should choose you instead of the competition, you’ll have differentiation.

We work with our clients to get crystal clear on both branding and content to help them achieve both relevancy and differentiation — making it so easy to sell it feels like you’re not trying.

How We Help You Sell

What They Need
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Consumer-centric language is the key to making sales. As buyers, we all love to hear how a product or service will help us.

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Unfortunately many RDs focus on the features of what they offer — 50-minute sessions, LEAP meal plans, and so on — and not the emotional and aspirational benefits that really sell people on services.

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But it’s not enough to use logic to try to rationally compel someone to sign with you. To successfully sell, you need to connect emotionally.

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Doing so will help you build trust with your clients and buyers. And when they trust you, they’ll be much more likely to take your recommendations and act on them.

Recent Projects

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Here’s what we’ve been working on lately—we’re proud to call these RD’s clients!
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