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The expertise you want for your practice.
The experience you need.

When you work with STRING, we’ll be beside you every step of the way—from strategy and planning, through implementation and marketing, to maintenance and hosting.

Bring us your passion for the work you do as a dietitian.

We’ll give you our thorough understanding of your industry, and our unmatched commitment to being the best full-service RD marketing agency out there.

Our Story

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We help RD’s fulfill their potential, grow their practice, and live their passion. To do this, we’ve gotten good at two kinds of vision:
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Seeing the Path

Envisioning what your practice could be is one thing—but it’s another task entirely to plan out and implement the work it takes to make your vision a reality.
At STRING, we’ve helped more than 200 RDs and built over 100 websites. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to getting the job done, we’ve got what it takes.

We’ll create an easy-to-understand plan that’s right for your practice… Walk you through it… And then get busy implementing every aspect of it to ensure your success.

Seeing the Possibilities

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If you’re like most dietitians, you’re stretched for time — between trying to get clients in the door and actually helping those clients, it’s hard to do much of anything else. The truth is that running your practice doesn’t have to be so stressful. We help RDs like you see what’s possible when strategy meets branding, and when a solid website meets best-in-class marketing and technology.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience trying to grow a practice in 2020 and beyond — but with STRING, you can leave that part to us.

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You Can’t Just “Plan” Your Way to Success …

Yes, you need to set up your dietitian practice so it runs like clockwork — freeing you up to concentrate more on what matters. But time-saving tricks like automated intakes, meeting reminders, and “how did we do today?” emails won’t help if you can’t find clients in the first place.

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… And You Need More Than Just a Great Website

A “cool” website won’t inspire trust in your clients if it doesn’t “feel” like you. (Besides — if no one is looking for you online, it doesn’t matter what your site looks like.) To succeed online, you need to address branding, design, content, marketing, and lead generation.

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Our Approach Combines the Best of Both Worlds

We “start at the start” with sound strategy, then dive into client-focused branding to help you build trust online. Then it’s time for gorgeous web design and smart, incisive content. Next we layer on the marketing and lead-generation tactics — and support it all with technology that works for you, not against you.


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Founder and Marketing Strategist

I founded STRING Marketing in 2010 to build on my passion for helping RDs impact the lives of patients and consumers across North America. At STRING we’ve since worked with over 200 dietitians and launched more than 100 dietitian websites.

My clients affectionately call me an “honorary RD” — and not just because of my appreciation for the industry and the good that RDs do for the world. I’ve come to develop a deep knowledge of the unique challenges dietitians face — and as a result I’ve built a remarkably effective toolkit that helps you take those challenges on.
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Project Director and Brand Strategist

I love creating brand and turning them into something tangible; and creating a voice and visual identity that reflects the heart of an RD and builds trust with their audience.

It’s an honor to help dietitians press past the ordinary and mundane and discover ways to bring their uniqueness to light.
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Content Writer

I’ve worked in digital technology for over 20 years, specializing in online communications, website development, and technical and customer support. I was there before websites even had pictures — but I stuck around because I had a hunch things might get better.

I’m a copywriter and editor with a Master’s in Journalism—and I’ve had a lot of experience stepping into an RD’s world to produce blogs, newsletters and website copy that engage readers and get results.
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Support Desk Manager & Front End Developer

If you need website and marketing services, chances are you'll be working with me. I create posts, pages, emails and more — and I also monitor and respond to support tickets, solving technical problems and resolving issues.

I love both the big-picture and nuts-and-bolts side of website creation, and I can't wait to work with you!

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