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Stephanie Hofhenke

Founder and Marketing Strategist

Stephanie Hofhenke founded STRING Marketing in 2010. STRING is a digital agency that works exclusively with dietitians. She is passionate about helping RDN entrepreneurs impact the lives of patients and consumers across North America.

Stephanie has a degree in Business Computer Systems and Management with an emphasis in Marketing.  She has spent the last 17 years providing sales, marketing and digital expertise to small businesses, and has worked in the dietitian market for over 5 years. She has worked with over 200 dietitians and has launched more than 100 RDN websites.

Her clients affectionately call her an “honorary RD”—and not just because of her appreciation for the industry and the good that RDNs do for the world. She has a deep knowledge of the unique challenges RDNs face—and has built a remarkably effective toolkit that helps RDNs take those challenges on.


Terri Olson

Project Director and Brand Strategist

The most exciting part of my position is to articulate and create a brand, voice and visual identity that reflects the heart of a visionary entrepreneur and speaks to their audience in relevant and engaging ways. It is an honor to help brands press past the ordinary and mundane and discover ways to bring their uniqueness to light.


Jaci Pierce

Customer Support and Writer

Jaci has worked in digital technology for over 20 years, specializing in website development, technical support and online communications for hundreds of clients around the world. She was here before websites even had pictures, but she stuck around until it got better.

A copywriter and editor with a Master’s in Journalism, Jaci is often the voice behind the experts. Her empathy, versatility and love of learning help her step into an RD’s world to produce blogs, newsletters and websites that engage readers and get results.

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