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power your potential

Grow your RD entrepreneur business

Invest in your brand, website and marketing to advance your reach, your work-life balance, and your bottom line.


How do I grow?

Am I doing this right?

How do I stop feeling overwhelmed?

How can I feel less limited?

Where should I put my effort?

How can I do more without burning out?


We want to give you an unfair advantage. You bring your “sweat equity,” your brilliant mind, and your proven approach. We bring our experience working with hundreds of RDNs — experience that will let you side-step industry challenges, overcome typical barriers, and seize opportunities.

We support our RDN entrepreneurs with a thorough understanding of the industry. But we really change the game when we apply our deep knowledge of technology and brand-building to help you reach the next level—even if that level is the forefront of your field.

Focus on what you do best—and let our integrated approach shape your marketing so it works harder for you.

Ready to connect? Connect with us

We are the only marketing company that combines technology, branding, marketing, and website support to help Registered Dietitians grow their nutrition entrepreneur businesses.


Quick Start

For new RDs or those moving to full-time entrepreneur


Brand Builder

For RDs looking to grow to the next level


Momentum Builder

For RDs building an already-strong brand



Round up email subscribers like a pro

—in just 7 easy-to-follow steps


Round up email subscribers like a pro


—in just 7 easy-to-follow steps


We focus exclusively on RD entrepreneurs.

We work with established industry professionals and up-and-comers.

We bring deep technology, marketing & brand expertise.

Let us power your potential with the right technology and brand.

We love to solve challenges and inspire next steps!

Put us in your corner to grow your nutrition entrepreneur business.

Hear what some of our clients have to say


Melissa Dobbins MS, RDN, CDE

The Guilt-Free RD

Words cannot express how much I love working with the team at STRING! Their expertise, creative solutions, and insight continually exceed my expectations. Their responsiveness, attention to detail and overall customer service are exceptional.  They are simply the best and I don’t know how I ever got along without them!

054-ginger-portraits-January-2019-petrichor-photo (1)_smaller

Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, CSO

I've been working with String Marketing from the beginning. I decided, after running my own blog for a couple years that in order to take it to the next level that I'd need some professional support. Since then we've been through 2 complete website designs and a couple 'facelifts' in between together. String Marketing is absolutely a partner in my business - they are easy to work with, creative, kind, and supportive. I'd recommend them for any nutrition professional who needs support with their site or marketing.


Kathleen Oswalt, RDN

The Food Sensitivity Detective

I’m in love with my website, one of the first things I said was “I feel like I have a real business now”.  It just made me feel amazing! It is so important to have someone you can trust to guide you in the right direction. STRING gets us RDs, they our personalities and most importantly they do Grade A work! 



Angela Manderfeld-Facebook Profile@2x

Angela Manderfeld RD

Diabetes Nutrition Expert

I was spending hours trying to do my website and it didn’t even look that good.  I just got so frustrated with it. Having a “legitimate” website from STRING gave me confidence, and that's when things started coming at me. I’ve had tons of clients that just started coming out of the woodwork. They’d talk to each other, and then the next one would sign up.

It’s been crazy— I'm looking forward to what the next year has in store!


Julie Bender-Sibbio RDN, LDN, cWC

Stephanie and STRING truly listened to my vision for my business and website—and not only helped bring it to fruition but used their experience and insight to make sure it was done right. 

Now my target clients are finding me—both in my surrounding area and across state lines—and they’re excited to work with me. They understand my work and my expertise, and they’re ready to get started! 

I feel I have a “family” of support with STRING. Their customer service and follow-through is stellar. They have never let me down and they are the most caring, creative, and compassionate experts in their field. I’ve had 100% satisfaction as a client for over 5 years.


Theresa Munkvold RDN LD

My site launched last month and I am now getting contacted by leads that are right on!   I used to open the messages or calls hoping it was an ideal client.  Now it just is!  It’s exciting to connect with people who know what they need and are ready for services.  

You’ve done some great work on my branding and website - 
it’s beautiful and delivers the right messages.  

Thanks again!  Heading into 2020 will be a new launch and I’m so glad you took care of the hard stuff for me! 

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